Daman Investments End of Service Program – Conventional Solution

Product features for the Conventional End of Service
money market fund

Investment objective

Seeks moderate capital growth whilst protecting employees’ contributions.

Underlying instruments

Short-term highly rated fixed income instruments. Funds will be deployed mainly to US Treasuries and deposits in highly rated banks in Developed Markets and the UAE.

Fund Facts

Fund Type

Open Ended

Fund underlyings

Deposits, US Treasuries, Cash

Risk profile

Low risk

Fund Manager

Daman Investments

Fund administrator

Legal Advisor


Conventional solutions leveraging on local and global expertise

Legal Advisor

Custodian & Fund Administrator

(subject to appointment*)


*Standard Chartered Bank’s appointment as the Custodian and Fund Administrator is subject to, among other things, its internal policy, regulatory approval, product readiness and execution of the relevant definitive service agreements. No representation is made as to when and/or whether the appointment will be concluded eventually. The information contained herein is for illustrative purpose only and should not be relied upon entirely as it is subject to change.

Daman Investments is regulated by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).