Feeder Fund Structuring

Feeder Fund Structuring

Feeder Fund Structuring

Daman Investments has pioneered Feeder Fund Structuring in the UAE mainland. This investment structure approved by the UAE Government enables an investor to invest into a feeder fund, which in turn invests in a larger master fund. Read on to learn more about this process.

Each feeder fund created by Daman will collect investments from retail investors in the UAE and channel them into the respective master fund domiciled in other recognised jurisdictions globally.

The master fund, which pools resources from multiple investors, will manage the collective assets and makes investment decisions.

As fund manager, Daman will be responsible for the following activities pertaining to the feeder funds:

  1. Investing subscriptions from the Feeder Funds into the sub-funds of the Master Funds.
  2. Ensuring regulatory compliance by each Feeder Fund in the UAE
  3. Managing operational support for the transactions of the Feeder Funds
  4. Management of corporate actions pertaining to the Feeder Funds
  5. Publishing of factsheets specific to the Feeder Funds and managing after sales support for the Feeder Funds.
  6. Full oversight of the activities of the Fund and the Feeder Funds to ensure that the investment objective of the Feeder Funds are met

List of feeder funds currently being managed by Daman Investments:

1Allianz Income and Growth AE – AM - USD
2Allianz Income and Growth AE – RM - USD
3Allianz Income and Growth AE – AM - H2 - EUR
4Allianz Income and Growth AE – RM - H2 - EUR
5Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence AE – AT - USD
6 Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence AE – AT - EUR

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Please note that the auditor for the feeder fund will be the local office of the appointed auditor at master fund level.

Daman Investments is regulated by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).