Your age group:

Your present job or business is:

If your current sources of income were to stop today, for how long will your present savings support you

Which of these objectives is the most important to you from an investment perspective?

What is your expected investment horizon?

Which of the following best describes your understanding of the investment market?

Your preferred strategy for managing investment risk is:

Now consider an example as a scenario - Over a three-month period, an investment you own loses 20% and the overall stock market losses 20%. With the economic climate being unpredictable, it could fall further or bounce right back up, how would you react?

An investment portfolio with high exposure to growth assets tends to generate higher returns, albeit with some volatility (fluctuation in value). To what extent are you willing to experience shorter-term losses and volatility to generate higher returns?

How would you describe yourself as a risk-taker?

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Your Risk Profile is

Low earning expectation, No investments with heightened risk, Very little willingness to lose capital

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